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My Promise to You!

In all private coaching sessions, my primary goal at WNC K9 is to give you, the dog’s real trainer, the tools to build communication, respect and trust. All three placed between you and your dog equals a solid relationship, in my opinion. I will show you how to understand your dog, how to teach your dog to understand you and how to fit training into your every day life, period.

The way I train will never harm your dog physically or mentally. The things I show you will only enhance the relationship you have with your dog. You have the right to leave a class or coaching session if you feel any trainer is doing something that will harm your dog in any way and I encourage that … serious!


My methods are based on the scientific principles of learning theory. However, I am willing to use other methods, as long as we both agree it might be helpful for the dog's well-being and proves to be both effective and humane.

The ideas behind animal learning theory are not tough to understand. Dog's are opportunistic ... If the dog is rewarded for doing something, he will repeat the behavior.  If there is no reward, the behavior will go away.  Period.  

Then there are always a level of how important one reward is compared to another reward.  What is a reward for your dog?  That my friends is where the art of training begins.  Understanding your dog so well, that you manipulate the rewards and resources so that the dog wants to work for you.  At WNC K9, I try to teach you that foundation approach to communication.  If you want to schedule a private coaching session, call me.   Gail 828-712-4245

 It's important to understand that you are actually training the dog every instant you are with the dog, but what I’ve noticed is that owners do not always use that to the best of their advantage. If you don't pay attention to what you are teaching the dog, you could end up training the dog to jump on you, whine for attention, and run away when called!

Thus, private coaching is priceless when you think you will have this particular dog over 12-14 years, on average.

You can use treats, toys, and all of the fun things in life to get your dog to want to listen to you.  But if you're good at this training adventure, you can start to use life-style rewards to then replace the high-valued things you use to kick-start the learning process. You will learn when and how to fade the rewards you use in the beginning as you see the relationship take shape and the understanding explode.

The great thing is, once you understand the principles of learning theory, you can start applying them to a lot of different aspects of your life – like training your kids to clean their rooms, motivating employees, and even modifying your spouse's behavior. That is why the first class of the K9 Manners Levels Program is dedicated to coaching humans. It's important to walk away from that lecture with a little more understanding about the mechanics and important training concepts that will help you train the dog to live a good dog’s life.

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