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  • When should I start training?
  • Is my puppy too old for the Saturday Puppy Program? 
  • My dog is older. Can older dogs start a sport?
  • What is the difference between a class and a private lesson?

Training can start as soon as your dog gets the first shot from your veterinarian.  The first training class a young puppy is welcome into is the Saturday Puppy Program. This class is a fun class that goes over fun game-like exercises that will help a puppy enjoy the learning process. It is a great place to get started and is held at A Good Dog's Life Training Center. 

You know when your puppy is too old for Puppy Program, when the instructor suggests getting into the 1st level of the K9 Manners Program. That typically happens when the puppy is 20 weeks old, or approching 5 months old.

Once your dog attends the different levels of the K9 Manners Program, the next step is to get into a sport. A dog that has been in the 1st level of K9 Manners can get into a sports class.  It is an individual preference. and I can help you decide. 

Let me help you decide what class to get into. Classes help you choose good motivation and a communication system that is consistent and easy for the whole family to implement. Your dog will show you what he needs to live a happy life, and when you start looking for it and understand it ... life is good and your dog will be well on his way to living a good dog’s life.

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Gail Hubbard


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