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Agility - Beyond the Basics

Agility classes are for the dog who has completed the foundation - beginning basics 6-week class.  Private lessons are for anyone interested, who has timing conflicts, or a difficult dog and wants to prepare the dog for a class situation.

Preparing for larger sequences and competition typically takes several months of the next step - Agility Beyond The Basics. Once you have finished your foundations, you tend to stay with the group class you are with for several months. Each month's skills builds on the one before until you are running longer sequences with more and more obstacles.  Safe obstacle performance for the dogs and accurate handling techniques for the owner is the concentration after you finish your foundation 6-week course.  People tend to get the fever of competition and start to trial in the local shows once prepared and ready. Some do not want to compete, they come to the weekly class loving the bond agility creates with their dog. 

Read a story from a student and her Scottie!!

Class Location:   A Good Dog's Life Training Center, 33 Hidden Acres Drive, Asheville, NC 28806
What to Bring: Bring what motivates your dog (toy and small, soft food treats) and your enthusiasm!

Cost:  On-going classes are $75 / month (4 weeks)
If you are going to miss any classes during a given month, please let us know.   $60 for 3 weeks.   $45 for 2 weeks.

Instructor  Gail Hubbard
Please contact me if you have been in other agility classes and you'd like to join in the appropriate level class below.

The On-Going Class Schedule:   

Thursday ... 8:30am - 11:30am   ($20/ class paid monthly)
Divided by jump height. Each week students work on different aspects of the game of agility.
Please call or text me if you are interested to join.
Contact: Gail Hubbard  |  828-712-4245 

Thursday ... 6:00pm   ($20/ class paid monthly)
Agility — Each week students on different aspects of the game of agility.  If you are interested to join, please call or text me. 
Contact: Gail Hubbard  |  828-712-4245

Thursday ... 7:30pm    (On-Going $75)
Agility — Beginnnig Novice | Open / Excellent 
Contact: Gail Hubbard  |  828-712-4245

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