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Agility Foundation - Beginning Basics

Class Details  
Since teamwork between dog and human is the cornerstone of agility, this class focuses on the relationship between you and your dog.  Using a non-conventional way of training (or shaping) dog owners are challenged to team up with their k9 companion in a way they have perhaps never done.  It is fun and the outcome is mind blowing as you get your dog to do things that you never could imagined them doing. 

This class is an on-going experience.  After this 6-week experience the class continues on with beyond foundation skills which leads to more and more agility. 

It is often exciting to watch the process and journey of each and every dog team.  
Read a story from a student and her scottie.

To build a successful agility team and have fun in agility, please take a K9 Manners class at A Good Dog's Life Training Center before signing up. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Cost:   $135 for 6-weeks of FUN and Learning!

Instructor  Gail Hubbard

New Class Start Date:   Wednesday, June 9  ... this class is FULL
Target End Date: 
 Wednesday, July 14

Typically interested agility foundations - beginning basic dog teams move onto Beyond the Basic Foundation and learn more and more skills until they are running a whole course.

Time:  6:00pm - 7:00pm

Location:   A Good Dog's Life Training Center, 33 Hidden Acres Drive, Asheville, NC 28806
What to Bring: Bring what motivates your dog (toy and small, soft food treats) and your enthusiasm!

**This series will continue on through several levels. Typically it takes several months before students are running larger sequences and/or thinking about competing. Locally we have AKC and USDAA shows ... both are fun and both are right here in WNC.

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